MCC’s weekly children’s program Lift Off! aims to be the highlight of your kid’s week! It is a place where every child is cherished, nurtured, and caught up in the love and joy of God. We are engaging your children in God’s Word using creativity, media, music, and other available tools. Our Main Objective is that children will learn a deeper understanding of God and what it means to follow Him in their everyday lives.  Plus their rooms are air-conditioned.

Lift Off! is for kids, from K up to 5th grade and meets on the 2nd floor/Education building every Friday at the beginning of the service!

We also have a class for Toddlers and a Nursery!

Once a month the children have the opportunity to see and participate in the service with their parents and other adults in our Family Service. Special songs and presentations are included, plus special activity boxes are available for the children during the service.

Volunteers are always needed the Friday program, Toddlers’ class, and Nursery. Are you willing to serve by investing into children’s lives and share God’s love with them? Contact Maria, leave your name at the Contact Point, or email the church office:

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