Maadi Community Church (MCC) is an international and interdenominational Christian church that has been serving the English-speaking community of Cairo since 1947. Since that time, thousands of expatriates have been ministered to through the various programs, services, Bible studies, and ministries provided by MCC.


Although it is impossible to tabulate all that has gone on in the past, this page provides a quick glimpse of some key events.



1947  A periodic Sunday morning community service grows out of St. John’s Episcopal.

1956 MCC adopts a Constitution and appoints its first full-time pastor William Elmer.

1957 Pastor Otto Meinardus began a 10 year ministry.

1967 Sunday evening services began inside the St. John’s chapel.

1967 John Peck and Dale Compton served as co-pastors for seven years.

1973 Harold Vogelaar took over the pastoral leadership.

1978    David Johnson comes as pastor of MCC and St. Andrew’s downtown.

1978    A Friday morning worship service and church School for all ages starts.

1982    It is decided to cease being a mission church and become a fully independent work.

1982    Harold “Chappie” Chapman commenced his 8 year pastoral ministry.

1989    Anglican Diocese and the Maadi Community Church formalized their relationship, giving MCC sole responsibility for administering the church and its facilities.  A new four-story office/education building is completed behind the sanctuary.

1990    Wilbur Skaggs was called as the Interim Pastor until the end of 1991.  A second Friday morning service is begun inside the St. John’s chapel.

1992    Dave Petrescue is called as Senior Pastor and served 14 years until his death.

1993    A third Friday morning service is added inside the chapel due to growing numbers.

1994    A tent facility is erected in the garden area to serve a larger crowd in one service.

1997    A second Friday morning service under the tent is added to serve growing numbers.

2000    Sudanese fellowship begins, which would become the Sudanese Community Church.

2000    MCC is formally recognized by the Egyptian government as an evangelical protestant church named the Evangelical International Church (EIC).

2003    A third worship service is added on Thursday evenings under the tent.

2005    A fourth service is launched on Friday afternoons designated to be Africa Live.

2006    Pastor Dave Petrescue’s accidental death traumatizes the church and community.

2,500 people attended the memorial service in Victory Park.

2006    Larry Boss is appointed as interim senior pastor.

2008    Dr. Steven Flora joins Maadi Community Church as senior pastor.

2009    MCC is asked by St. John’s Episcopal (property owner) to move all of its worship services to Friday afternoon and evening.

2010    A second evening worship service is shifted to Saturday evenings.

2011    Egyptian Revolution leads to a massive evacuation  as the government steps down.

2012    With fewer attenders and staff resources, the Saturday evening service ends.

2013    A second Egyptian Revolution leads to evacuations as the government is replaced. The number of expatriates living in Egypt is dramatically reduced even further.

2014   Africa Live service becomes the independent daughter church Africa Community Church.

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