Kingdom Come: The Epicentre of the Kingdom

In case you missed yesterday’s sermon, Steve shared with us how Jesus is the epicentre of God’s Kingdom.  We studied through Luke and Mark discussing the promise and basis of Jesus’ kingdom: love and sacrifice.  You can find a link to listen to the sermons here.  Use the questions below to guide your further study or discussion within your life group!


Life Group Discussion/Personal Meditation Questions:
Icebreaker: What is a memorable time someone took advantage of you? What was your reaction?

1. Read Luke 1:31-35. What important statements about who Jesus is does the angel Gabriel make? Why those particular statements?

2. Mark 1:14-15 & Luke 17:20-21. What does it mean if the Kingdom of God has come near or in their midst? Is the Kingdom more than a realm?

3. Read Luke 7:19-23. How could John the Baptist be confused about who Jesus was? What misconceptions about God’s Kingdom might you have?

4. Read Mark 12:1-12 & Isaiah 5:1-4. How does these two stories overlap in expressing God’s view of Israel’s lack of being good stewards of their privilege?

5. What is the significance of the son being cast outside the vineyard and Jesus being crucified “outside the camp” in Hebrews 13:12?

6. Read Psalm 118:22. When Jesus quotes this verse (read during Passover) to the religious leaders, what is He saying about them and their future?

7. If a major kingdom theme is the truth that the Kingdom of God is for those of right heart, not a particular people group, then how might we make the same error assuming we are Kingdom people just because we attend church?

30 Days 30 Ways Prayer Challenge

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For the next 30 days, beginning September 5th, the #MaadiChurch family will embark upon a mission to #pray for the community, the country, the leaders and other needs that arise throughout the journey. Won’t you join us? Each day we will post a #way2pray on our social media sites (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook). We invite you to also post, tweet, or otherwise share with us your own personal #way2pray for the day! Make sure to use the regular hashtags, #MaadiChurch and #MCCBeTheChurch, in addition to the #30ways30days tag so that others in the community can pray with you!

The New MCC Website is Launched!

If you’ve been keeping up with our emails and bulletins in church, you know that we’ve officially launched our new website.  It’s still a work in progress so bear with us as work to update and make the new site as user-friendly as possible.

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